Dallas, texas

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AVALON offers a refreshing alternative to traditional management consultancies or agencies. We are nimble, hands-on, and practical. We help you solve business issues and improve your organization's performance quickly and efficiently.

We can do projects like traditional consulting firms and sometimes that's the best approach. But we prefer to employ a hybrid consulting model in which we still tackle the business opportunity or strategy issue, but do it collaboratively with the client's internal team to enhance internal capabilities and fill skill gaps at the same time.

We call this the "Teach a man to fish approach". It works.

Other reasons to work with AVALON: 

~ We act as an extension of your team, available on demand when you need us

~ Seasoned general managers and marketers can step in and immediately fill needs with minimal instruction requiring very little oversight

~ Flexible availability to fill short-term needs

~ We do it like you do it. We are here to expand your capacity, so we take great care to do things the way you want them done

~ Global experience across CPG, Beverages, Consumer Electronics and Pharmaceuticals allow us to offer solutions when you aren't sure          how you want things done

~ Highly trained, executive-level staff means you pay for a lean team or an individual, not a legion of consultants

~ Quick turn around time and project delivery. Because of our experience and our hands-on approach, we get projects done in a fraction of        the time it normally takes traditional agencies

~ We are effective at training, developing and motivating organizations in groups or in one-on-one situations so they are engaged and                achieving peak performance

~ We are 100% woman and minority-owned